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Paediatric endocrinology is a sub-speciality of endocrinology that deals with endocrine disorders in children. The physiological needs of children differ from those of adults. Endocrine disorders are evident in the form of variations in physical and sexual development, obesity and childhood diabetes mainly. If not timely intervened, these disorders can have significant impact on the child’s emotional and mental well-being. Hormones are the functional unit of endocrine system that are released directly into the blood by glands and control various aspects of human body like growth, mood and metabolism. The patient age range from infancy to late adolescence and early adulthood. Type 1 diabetes also known as juvenile diabetes is the most common form of childhood disorder that is encountered. This is followed by growth disorders that can be rectified by growth hormone treatments. The endocrinologists also have expertise in bone metabolism, lipid metabolism and adolescent gynaecology. The paediatric endocrinologists at Narayana Health Group in Bangalore have expertise and skill to handle various childhood endocrine diseases. These specialists work with several allied specialists at NH to ensure comprehensive patient treatment and care. Do not hesitate to bring your child for consultation with some of the top paediatric endocrinologists in Bangalore.

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