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Pediatric cardiac surgery includes surgical interventions of the heart and cardiac vessels outside the heart in children below 18 years of age. It also includes surgical interventions in newborns and neonates. Heart surgeries are done in infants who are born with congenital heart disease or in children who acquire them after birth, when it is necessary for the well-being of the child. Procedures include, open heart surgery where incision is made over the breast bone, closed heart surgery which is done using special instruments and a camera and coronary by-pass surgery that connects a conduit vessel, mostly saphenous vein that bypasses a blockage. Narayana Institute of Cardiac Sciences in Bangalore has some of the best paediatric cardiac surgeons in the field. It includes various complex cardiac procedures and is designed to meet national and international healthcare standards. Children suffering from congenital heart problems from over 78 countries have been successfully diagnosed and treated in Narayana Health by cardiothoracic surgeons who use both invasive and non-invasive diagnostics. The team of specialists there, has expertise in neonatal cardiac surgery as well. 40% of all heart surgeries have been conducted on children and newborns. For consultations and appointments, call us on the number provided or book online.

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