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Cranio-maxillo facial surgery specializes in correcting congenital and acquired defects of the face, neck, jaws, mouth and associated structures. Cranium includes the skull that encloses the brain, maxilla includes mouth and internal structures including teeth and jaw and facial includes the structures of face and neck. Cranio-maxillo facial surgery is used to treat various conditions like cleft lip and palate, conditions of jaw such as micrognathia using orthognathic surgery and also various syndromic conditions affecting the face. Certain jaw anomalies can also include a combination of orthodontic treatment with braces and surgical correction of deformity. Patients can also view the complete transformed outcome by use of advanced software platform for imaging. Certain potentially life-threatening conditions like Obstructive Sleep Apnoea where the patient experiences phases or airway obstruction during sleep that cuts of oxygen supply can also be rectified through surgical correction. The expert team of specialists at Narayana Health Group in Bangalore along with state-of-art services cater to all patient needs. Cranio-maxillo facial surgery is internationally recognized and the quality complies with international standards. In addition, the team of surgeons are also equipped to handle cosmetic and facial reconstruction surgeries. If craniofacial conditions are diagnosed and treated at a very early age, it gives better outcomes. Contact our team of specialists and book your slot at the earliest.