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Nephrology is the branch of medicine that deals with the study of kidneys, its structure, function, diseases, treatment and prevention. Healthy kidneys are vital for life. They help in filtering blood of waste materials, toxins and fluid. Kidneys help in maintaining fluid, acid-base and electrolyte regulation. This balance can be disturbed by several diseases, drugs or toxins. Diseases covered under nephrology are glomerular disorders that affect the tiny filtering systems of the kidney called glomerulus, urine abnormalities like excretion of sugar, protein and crystals in urine, kidney infection, kidney or bladder stones, effect of long-standing diabetes and hypertension on kidneys and acute and chronic renal failure. Treatment can range from changes in diet to medical intervention or surgical management like renal replacement. Narayana Health Group handles simple and complex cases of nephrological conditions with the help of some of the best nephrologists in Bangalore, who are supported by state-of-art diagnostic and medical equipment. These accomplished and highly-qualified team of specialists are capable of handling both acute and chronic kidney disorders. They have expertise in complex procedures like kidney transplantation and renal denervation for uncontrolled hypertension. The specialists are equipped to manage acid-base electrolyte disorders and less complex conditions lie hypertension and nephrolithiasis or kidney stones. Services offered by the nephrology department at NH are kidney transplant, liver dialysis, plasma dialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy and peritoneal dialysis. Schedule an appointment with our specialists at NH for high-class service.