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Kidney transplant is a medical procedure where an kidney from a living or deceased donor is transplanted to a person whose kidneys are no longer functioning. The normal function of kidneys include removal of waste, toxins and filtering of minerals and nutrients. When the kidneys loose their ability to filter toxins, it gets accumulated in the body raising blood pressure and resulting in kidney failure. When kidneys lose 90% of their ability to function, it is called end-stage renal disease. Patients enduring compromised kidney function or chronic kidney disease have the option to undergo haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis or kidney transplant depending upon their age or severity of the condition. The decision is made by a nephrologist. The benefit of a successful kidney transplant is improved quality of life and prevention of long-term issues related to dialysis. Narayana Health has some of the leading kidney transplant surgeons in Bangalore. The team of experts are supported by excellent infrastructure and advanced diagnostic facility. This helps to provide comprehensive care to patients. They are experts in Laproscopic Donor Nephrectomy , where the donor kidney is removed through a keyhole opening rather than an open surgery. This enhances recovery processes for the donor. Schedule an appointment with our expert consultants in one of the best kidney hospitals in India.

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