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Interventional radiologists are image-guided therapy clinicians who specialize in minimally invasive treatments for a variety of conditions and image interpretation. They are capable of delivering treatments for conditions like cancer, most fibroids including uterine, varicose vein, arterial diseases, kidney and bile duct diseases, back pain, ischaemic diabetic foot, benign prostatic hyperplasia, renal dialysis access and complications of portal hypertension. Some of the commonly used interventional techniques include embolisation, chemoembolisation, ablations, balloons and stents, needle biopsy and drainage. The advantages of minimal interventions include short admission procedures or daycare, less complications or morbidity, less to no pain, pinhole surgery, rapid return to work and combination with other procedures like chemotherapy. The department of Interventional Radiology at Narayana Health Group offer latest technology along with a team of experts who have received training from across the world thus making it the best hospital for Interventional Radiology in Bangalore . Specialists use minimally invasive and image guided techniques to diagnose and treat all major diseases in nearly every organ system of the body. The main objective of the department is to minimize risk to the patients and improve outcome by reducing pain and recovery time. The interventional radiologists use X-ray, CT and other imaging techniques to introduce instruments into the body, to treat the disease at the source. Thus procedures that once required surgery can now be carried out by minimal invasion.