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Infectious diseases (ID) is a sub-speciality of Internal medicine/ general medicine. ID refers to a group of diseases caused by microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, viruses or parasites. The human body harbors a vast number of microorganisms but under certain circumstances, thee organisms may cause diseases. Some of the infectious diseases are transmitted from person to person, others are transmitted from insects or animals to humans. Yet others are transmitted through contaminated food and water sources. Minor cases can be remedied by adequate rest at home. But certain complicated cases may require hospitalization. Many diseases like measles and chicken pox are now preventable by vaccine. Other everyday preventive measures include frequent and through washing of hands, hygenic conditions for preparation of food and disinfection of surroundings every once in a while. The doctors at Narayana Health Group are some of the top infectious disease specialists in Bangalore. The team comprising of trained physician assistants, nurses and dieticians provide comprehensive and guided care to both in-patients and out-patients suffering from various types of ID. They are capable of handling cases ranging from minor parasitic infections to rare complexities. This expert team is backed up by state-of-art laboratory services. Referral cases from other hospitals are also entertained at NH. Get in touch with our team of experts for a thorough consultation.