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A medical speciality that deals with the diagnosis, care and prevention of diseases in adults is Internal Medicine (IM). Patients admitted to internal medicine unit suffer from serious and complicated conditions that require complex investigations and multi-level care . Internal medicine specialists specialize in chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension. They also have a thorough understanding of internal organs like kidney, liver and lungs and their disorders. They explain how the mismanagement of various chronic conditions can lead to long-term damage of organs and hence the importance of timely intervention.IM specialists offer services like comprehensive examinations, preventive screening and immunizations, treatment of simple and complex medical conditions, chronic disease management and coordinating with other specialists like pulmonologists, nephrologists, neurologists and oncologists. Narayana health (NH) houses some of the top internal medicine specialists in Bangalore. They provide treatment and care to adults who are suffering from undifferentiated and multi-system diseases. The Department of Internal Medicine at NH coordinates with multiple departments to provide comprehensive diagnostic, curative and preventive care to patients thus helpinrg them in rational decision making. For a personalized healthcare experience, visit our team of committed experts by booking online or calling in.
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