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Medical emergencies are unpredictable circumstances such as acute illness, injury or accidents, that warrant immediate medical attention. Physicians who handle emergency medicine are provide unbiased care and support to patients.Patients are wheeled into the triage area that is an integral part of emergency unit, where they are segregated based on the severity of their condition and then transfered to the appropriate unit. As the first line of treatment, their main aim in resuscitation and stabilization of patients followed by interventions to diagnose and treat the emergency. India sees an alarming rate of medical emergencies on a daily basis ranging from minor trauma to major surgical and gynaecological cases. Narayana Health Group in Bangalore is the best hospital for Emergency Medicine and is equipped with highly advanced medical emergency room and manned by highly skilled medical, paramedical and non-medical staff, who attend to patient needs round the clock. They provide high quality and technologically advanced medical care that includes with state-of-art ambulance services with inbuilt transport ventilator, multipara monitoring, emergency drugs and oxygen facility. Their emergency rooms have resuscitation bay, decontamination rooms for managing poison cases, isolation room for contagious diseases, emergency ward and emergency operation theatre. They are managed by specialists in emergency medicine along with in-house residents from every department. When in emergency, don’t think twice, because Narayana Health Group is all you need.