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Clinical nutrition involves the medical application of nutrition in clinical settings. It is an integral part of complete healthcare system. Dietetics involves creating diet plans for individuals based on the principals of nutrition. Dietetics includes food management while nutrition aims at promotion of health. Nutrition interprets the interaction of nutrients in food with health, growth, maintenance and diseases and dietician caters to human nutrition and regulation of diet. A nutritionist degree and dietician degree are not similar in terms of educational qualification and their professional roles. The biggest difference in terms of their roles is that dieticians do not work at an individual level with patients while nutritionists provide personalized, individual guidance to patients. Nutritionists develop a diet and exercise plans for individual patients, monitor their progress, help them adhere to their diet plans and assess their overall health. Dieticians on the other hand create diet plans for individuals based on their health conditions like diabetes, heart condition, allergies and weight. They also conduct nutrition research and create awareness about complex nutritional requirements. The expert team of clinical nutritionists and dieticians at Narayana Health Group, Bangalore are highly qualified in assessing and addressing the nutritional needs of the patients. They provide therapeutic, nutritionally adequate and satisfying diet for inpatients depending upon their conditions and also to staff, guests and visitors. They work at individual levels with patients according to their health conditions which promotes speedy recovery and long-term health maintenance. Call or book online to schedule an appointment with out expert team.