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The branch of medicine in which the specimens from the human body such as blood, fluid, tissue or other substances are analysed and studied outside the human bod, mainly in lab settings is Laboratory Medicine. The main aim of such services is to obtain information about the health status of individuals. It helps in rapid diagnosis, treatment, research and prevention of diseases. It is used in clinical diagnosis and bout 70% of the clinical decisions are based on inferences from laboratory testing. They provide services which are basic in nature like simple blood tests to complex ones that require multi-level analysis. The laboratory medicine at Narayana Health offers the best diagnostic services in Bangalore with its state-of-art facilities and advanced technologies. The laboratories are accredited by NACL and JCI for quality. They strive to deliver high-quality services using auto-analysers with lab interfacing and integrated system for analysis of patient samples. The laboratory services cater to both routine and special diagnostic requirements. Some of the speciality departments linked to the laboratory are biochemistry, histopathology, cytogenetics, haematology, metabolic, microbiology and molecular genetics. The high quality and affordable diagnostic services in conjunction with superior consultative services, makes laboratory medicine at Narayana Health one of the best hospitals to provide outstanding patient care.
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