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Where to find the best psychiatrists in Ahmedabad? Narayana Health comes to the rescue for people seeking help in treating psychological disorders. Psychiatrists and clinical psychologists treat both behavioural and mental health problems. A psychiatrist is trained in therapy; similar to clinical psychologists, but their prime focus is the medical aspect of treating an illness. Prescribing of medications falls under the purview of the psychiatrist. Both psychiatrists and clinical psychologists are trained in psychotherapy. Psychotherapy encompasses all the procedures involved in treating mental illnesses. In fact, the DSM recommends psychotherapy as the first line of treatment in any case before drugs are resorted to. Psychiatrists and clinical psychologists are usually approached for the treatment of serious psychiatric conditions such as - schizophrenia, personality disorders, psychosis, manic depressive disorder, hysteria, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder, to name a few. But these specialists also treat other illnesses; like erectile dysfunction, nocturnal enuresis, hyperactive attention deficit disorder, etcetera. As a consequence of the way the healthcare system is organised, psychiatrists usually focus on making a diagnosis and providing the right medication, at the right dose. A patient’s interaction with a psychiatrist is generally shorter than with that of a psychologist. A psychiatrist will refer a patient to a clinical psychologist if he/she feels the need for additional therapy. The same applies to a clinical psychologist, who will refer their patient to a psychiatrist if they see a need for medical therapy to supplement the psychotherapy. The psychiatry and clinical psychology department at Narayana Health, Ahmedabad is full of highly efficient and empathetic professionals, who put patient health and care before all else. Narayana Health also has the best psychiatrists and clinical psychologists in Ahmedabad. If you suspect you, or a loved one, require the services of a either a psychiatrist or a psychologist, book an appointment at Narayana Health at the earliest. Appointments can be made through the hospital website or a simple phone call.

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