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  • Dr. Atul Anand Maslekar

    Dr. Atul Anand Maslekar

    Senior Consultant MS (General Surgery), MCh-CTVS

    • SpecialityCardiac Surgery - Adult, Paediatrics

    • HospitalAhmedabad - Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Ahmedabad

    • Ahmedabad
  • Dr. Urvashi Rana

    Dr. Urvashi Rana

    Consultant - Paediatrics M.B.B.S. and M.D. (Pediatrics) - from B.J.Medical College, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad

    • SpecialityPaediatrics

    • HospitalAhmedabad - Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Ahmedabad

    • Ahmedabad
Are you looking for the best paediatricians in Ahmedabad? If your answer is a yes, then your search ends here. Our world-class doctors can help you treat the medical conditions of infants, children and young people, but before that, here is a little background of Paediatrics. Paediatricians are professionals who manage medical conditions affecting infants, children and young people. Paediatrics can be categorized into 4 main areas: general paediatrics - a hospital role that covers children from birth to the age of 16. Most paediatricians have this generalist role. Neonatology - this role specializes in looking after new born babies. It is usually based in an intensive care unit looking after premature babies or those with problems at birth. Community paediatrics - these doctors are based in the community and look after children with developmental, social or behavioral problems and those with physical disability. Paediatric cardiology - this is a small area which is a specialty in its own right. These doctors diagnose and treat children with cardiac (heart) conditions. If your child has an illness, injury, or disease that requires surgery, a pediatric surgeon has the experience and qualifications to treat your child with the best care. Surgical problems seen by pediatric surgeons are often quite different from those commonly seen by adult or general surgeons. Special training in pediatric surgery is important. Narayana Health Group in Ahmedabad is home to the most trusted network of paediatricians who cater to the medical needs of children and newborns. The team here also treats teenagers and adolescents with diversified specialties including Neonatology, Hematology, Pulmonology, Organ Transplantation, and Endocrinology. If you want to talk to one of the top paediatricians in Ahmedabad, book your appointment online today.