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Narayana Health Group has a list of neurologists in Ahmedabad from which you can choose. Whether you have minor neurological complaints like headache, migraine or have severe neurological conditions like stroke, dementia. As with many conditions, it is important that you don’t ignore any neurological symptoms when they occur. Even simple problems such as headaches can mean there is an underlying cause. Hence, it is best to consult a neurologist so you are on the safer side. Some conditions can get worse over time and with neurological conditions, you cannot take that chance. Our experienced and highly skilled neurologist can help you through the entire process. Our top specialists are trained to help properly diagnose using ultra-modern equipment’s (CT, MRI, NCV, EEG) available. Based on your diagnosis, they discuss the treatment plan with you thoroughly so you are a part of the whole treatment process. Our best neurologists understand your pain and concerns which is why they extend their support to you at all times. Our team of specialists (neurophysician, neurosurgeons, intensivist, and intervention radiologist) has vast years of experience in providing the best treatment for neurological ailments. They use an approach that involves you from the beginning to post-discharge treatment. They focus on providing holistic treatment to you.

At Narayana Health Group, our top neurologists are qualified to treat a range of conditions so you are rest assured. The group is all about making people live healthy and happy.