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Cardiac surgery, especially in adults, is the procedure that involves the surgery of the heart vessels. Primarily performed by a group of cardiac surgeons, this kind of surgery is used to treat diverse complications of ischemic heart disease. The different types of cardiac surgery include quintuple bypass surgery, aneurysm repair, heart transplant, minimally invasive heart surgery, and off-pump heart surgery. Cardiac surgery is used to treat many heart problems, including heart failure and coronary heart disease, fixing heart valves, transplantation, among others. A primary cardiac care doctor known as a cardiologist is the professional surgeon who works with adult patients to decide if they require to undergo cardiac surgery. The procedures before undergoing adult cardiac surgery involve but are not limited to an initial medical evaluation, diagnostic tests, Electrocardiogram (ECG), stress test, coronary angiography, aortogram, and chest X-ray. Narayana Hospitals is the best multispeciality hospital chain dedicated to providing uncompromised medical services, including affordable and top-notch adult cardiac surgery. Right from initial consultation to the final well being after surgery, they serve all patients with effective services. Get in touch with the best cardiologist in Narayana Hospitals in Ahmedabad to schedule your appointment.

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