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Dr. Suparno Chakrabarti

MD, FRCPATH Senior consultant & HOD

  • SpecialityBone Marrow Transplant (Stem Cell Transplant), Haemato Oncology, Oncology

  • HospitalDelhi - Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital


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Brief Profile

Suparno Chakrabarti is the Head of the Dept for Blood and Marrow Transplantation and Hematology at Dharamshila Narayana Hospital and Research Centre, New Delhi, India. He initiated the first Haploidentical BMT program in India and along with Dr Sarita Jaiswal has developed this as a sustained alternate donor program with over 125 Haploidentical transplants in the past 7 years. They have innovated newer methods of carrying out haploidentical BMT in patients with advanced leukemia as well as aplastic anemia with excellent results. His key area of research is Transplant immunology in relation to Haploidentical BMT.
Dr Chakrabarti trained in Internal Medicine at PGIMER, Chandigarh in India. Subsequently, he spent 12 years in the UK, initially as a research fellow and subsequently as a consultant in the field of BMT. During this period, he played a substantial role in developing Campath-1H based T cell depletion and reduced intensity conditioning. The bulk of his research also focussed on post-transplant virus infections and immune reconstitution. He has over 100 publications to his credit.
He has established a world-class BMT centre in the country and runs a charitable organisation for children with blood diseases.

Key areas of Research

    Haploidentical HSCT; NK cell Biology; Post-transplantation Immune reconstitution; Transplantation tolerance. The following are the academic highlights:
  • Peer reviewer for several scientific journals including BLOOD, Bone Marrow Transplantation, Haematologica, British Journal of Haematology, Clinical Infectious Diseases, Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation, JAMA, Lancet etc.
  • Reviewer of grant proposals for AIRC (The Italian Association for the Search on the Cancer).
  • Invited speaker at Asia-Pacific BMT Congress2002, Asian Transplant Congress, 2002, & EBMT workshop Milan, 2004 etc.
  • Editorial Board member for ‘several journals.
  • Expert panel member on post-transplant infections of the Centre for International Bone marrow Transplant Registry, USA (2008).
  • Invited Guest Editor for several journals on special issues on Transplantation.

Key Publications

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