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“Victor” is a better word than “survivor”

“Victor” is a better word than “survivor” to refer to anyone who has won over any cancer. Cancer strikes people like lightening – most unexpectedly and leaves us helpless, hapless and devastated like victims of other natural disasters.
However, after winning over the dreaded malady, we should be called V I C T O R S: having fought bravely against it with all our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resources. It requires tremendous and sustained patience, endurance and positivity to complete the treatment of all cancers. Every step of the journey from diagnosis to recovery is frought with unexpected trauma and challenges. These in turn require personal strength, physical stamina and constant support from health care providers and family. Certainly, this is a great feat to accomplish, and so we could be compared to Marathon Winners!
Some tips to succeed in this race:
1. Do not blame yourself or feel guilty.
2. Accept the situation positively, however difficult this maybe,
3. Complete the treatment.
4. It is a wake up call to take care of yourself ; eat healthy, exercise regularly, be active mentally and physically.
5. Deal with stress by doing Meditation and other ways of relaxation .
6. Spread awareness about early detection.
My journey post breast cancer is into the 6th year. Strangely, I found my VOCATION after my recovery, thanks to Mazumdar Shaw Cancer Center (MSCC). I navigate and counsel others at MSCC in their journey through breast cancer treatment treatment from diagnosis to recovery by instilling confidence and strength and inspiring them to lead a normal life of quality.
– Meera Raj

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