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Safe and Successful Spine Surgery using new technologies

Field of Spine Surgery has always remained a challenging branch and still many patients are afraid at the very name of Spine Surgery. Certain Spinal problems like Scoliosis, Kypho Scoliosis (Spinal Deformity), Cervical Stenosis and Cranio Vertebral junctional anomalies and Spinal Cord tumor pose significant challenge and risk of neurological injury while doing surgery.

With the recent advances in the field of Spine Surgery, we can increase the accuracy, reduce the incidence of complications and deliver consistently good results to our patients.

  • Intraoperative neurological monitoring (IONM) –

It utilizes the neurophysiological potentials for detecting changes caused by surgery induced insults. It’s like a live recording and monitoring of neurological structures at risk during any spinal surgery .

  • Ultrasonic Bone Scalpel:

Ultrasonic Bone Scalpel is a novel ultrasonic surgical device that cuts bone and spares soft tissues. This relative selectivity for bone ablation makes Bone Scalpel ideally suited for spine applications where bone must be cut adjacent to the dura and neural structures.

Keyhole and minimally invasive spine surgery offer multiple benefits like speedy recovery, shorter hospital stay, and minimal post-operative pain.

  • Balloon Kyphoplasty: Patients with compressed fracture of vertebra can now be treated with a percutaneous cementing technique called Balloon Kyphoplasty. It is one such curative method that’s relatively more effective and safe in treating various pathological vertebral fractures also.
  • Navigation and Robotics in Spine Surgery: Recently advances have been made in Navigation and Robotic spine surgery. These technologies make implant placement safe and accurate in critical areas like CV junctions and deformity spine surgery.

Dr.Hrutvij Bhatt | Consultant Spine Surgeon | Narayana Multispeciality Hospital Ahmedabad

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