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Uganda gives thumbs up to Gujarat’s healthcare!

Uganda’s Science and Tech Minister Kintu Florence plans to avail of medical expertise from state to overcome health challenge in her country.

Satisfied with her recent knee operation and impressed with the medical services in the state, a Ugandan minister is planning a tie-up between her country and Gujarat in the health sector. Kintu Florence, 54, member of parliament and minister of science and technology in Republic of Uganda, had come to India for total knee replacement (TKR) surgery.

Florence, a patient of osteoarthritis, started walking without support within four days of undergoing surgery at a city hospital in Rakhial last week.

While doctors regard her speedy recovery as a miracle, Florence believes it’s a result of the doctors’ expertise and her willpower. She is a mother of nine children and grandmother. Florence, who hails from Greater Masaka in Uganda, believes that her recovery will help her serve her people more efficiently. “I had to travel for kilometres into interior areas to understand people’s issues. Not being able to do so made me feel sad.Thankfully, after my speedy recovery, I will be able to do what I always wanted to for society’s welfare,“ she said.

Joint Replacement and Sports Medicine Expert at Narayana Hrudayalaya (NH) in Rakhial, where Florence underwent surgery, Dr Daria Singh said, “Florence’s case was complicated. She was overweight,diabetic, patient of high blood pressure with unusual anatomy of knee. We are happily surprised with her recovery as we haven’t seen any patient walk without support on only the fourth day of bilateral surgery. Now, she will be able to do what she wanted.“

Florence arrived at the hospital with her daughter Florence Junior, 23, on November 10 and was prepared for surgery on the next day itself. Her knees were 95 per cent damaged. The surgery for both knees took around two hours.


Florence had visited India two years ago too for bariatric surgery in Delhi. “Since childhood, I have had Gujarati and Indian friends. While studying at the National School of Cadets of the Federation of Cuban Women, I had met some Gujarati women politicians,“ said Florence. She also said that if she finds time, she will try to meet Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel. She wishes to explore rural development, healthcare and SME sector and Gujarat’s industries that can help develop better trade relations between Uganda and Gujarat.

Her emphasis is more on healthcare, women empowerment and technological advancements.

“The healthcare sector in our country is poor. We have technology but no medical experts like those in your state. So I will try to bring both India and Uganda together in sharing their medical expertise to overcome health challenge in our country.

If India can beat health issues, why can’t Uganda?“ she said.

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