Hepatitis Diagnosis

  • International Hepatitis Day is¬†observed¬†to spread awareness on Viral hepatitis¬†every¬†year¬†on 28th of July. Hepatitis¬†viruses¬†are¬†of two¬†types: Hepatitis¬†A & E ‚ÄstThey¬†spread¬†via¬†intake¬†of unhygienic food & drink. Hepatitis¬†B, C & D ‚ÄstThey¬†spread¬†via blood contact &¬†unsafe¬†sexual¬†practices.…

  • Liver


    by Narayana Health

    What is hepatitis? Hepatitis is a fairly broad term which can be generalised as inflammation of liver. As per an estimate, nearly 4 crore people in India are suffering from…

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