brain stroke

  • Approx. 13.6 million people worldwide suffer from strokes each year. It is a silent killer, accounting for more deaths than AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis put together. Stroke is the leading…

  • आघात एक आपात चिकित्सा है जो बहुत बड़ी जनसंख्या की मौत और विकलांगता का एक प्रमुख कारण है। आमतौर पर, यह बुजुर्गों को प्रभावित करता है, लेकिन लगभग 10% आघात…

  • Neurology

    Types of Movement Disorders

    by Narayana Health

    “Movement disorders” means a gathering of neurological conditions that cause abnormally increased movements or abnormally decreased movements. Types of Movement Disorders: Tremors: Involuntary rhythmic oscillatory movement of limbs or other parts…

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