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Spinal Disc Problem: Cure is in the cause!

Back pain and absolute bed rest with strict restrictions of movements are synonymous in most parts of the world. Movement induced pain and overemphasis on rest by peers more reinforce the idea that movement is dangerous for back pain and one should lie still in the bed. Many times, treating medical personnel also overstress the importance of restricting activities and false advice like “let pain be your guide” become ingrained in the minds of patients. The sick behaviour imposed by movement restricting treatment plans and unnecessary fear about incurability of spinal disc issues turn the conversion of acute pain into chronic pain disorder.
Even though the higher than notion has been debunked once more by numerous scientific researchers, the common perception has modified very little over years. One major reason for this phenomenon is the fact that pinpointing the root cause of back pain requires the combination of meticulous clinical examination, advanced diagnostic technologies and expert interpretation of the diagnostic tests, which unfortunately is very sparsely available. So absolute bed rest and movement restrictions truly are available handy as a blanket approach in cases wherever the exact diagnosis can be made.
At Dept. Of Spine Surgery, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram, a blanket/generic approach for management of back pain is strictly prohibited. We firmly believe in sorting out the foundation explanation for a patient’s spinal drawback and during this endeavour, the spine team puts to use their combined clinical expertise of over eighty years in treating thousands of patients with spinal disorders in conjunction with the utilization of leading-edge diagnostic technologies like 3Tesla imaging, Nerve studies, and diagnostic blocks. once and only we’ve reached a precise diagnosis, we tend to refer to the treatment set up. we tend to neither observe nor advise hit and trial ways of back pain management for the straightforward reason that patients aren’t guinea pigs.
This target-directed approach has helped our back pain patients get back to normal life quickly and with minimal interference in their daily routines at our centre. Furthermore, this has significantly brought down the percentage of acute back pains converting into chronic ones.
If you or anybody you know is suffering from intractable back pain, we suggest you overcome the fear of movement and myth of incurability and visit our dedicated spine centre, so that we can help you to live a life full of mobility and endless possibilities.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Verma | Director, Senior Consultant & Clinical Lead  (North), Department of Orthopedics, Joint Replacements & Spine Surgery | Narayana Superspeciality Hospital in Gurugram

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