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Senior Citizenship Club Membership Program

Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Barasat, North 24 parganas presents Senior Citizenship Club Membership Programas a part of corporate social responsibility to create awareness on health amongst senior citizenship (approx 12 lakhs population of Barasat are senior citizens). The program is aimed to benefit the senior citizen’s and know the health complications and their prevention with a direct interaction with eminent and experienced consultants of different specialities.

Senior Citizenship Club Membership Program
· Eligibility: 60 years and above for Indian Nationals
· Registration (valid for one year from the date of Registration): Discounts will be available from the date of registration
· At the time of registration a photocopy of age proof is required
· 25% – On diagnostic (non-invasive) tests for both OPD and IPD
· 12.5% – On CT Scan for OPD and IPD
· 10%  on Lab Test for OPD and IPD
· 11% on Pharmacy (OPD only)
· 50% – On OPD consultation only

*Discounts not valid for first OPD consultation. Not applicable for mediclaim policy holders. Cannot be clubbed with other offers. Discounts not applicable on Consumables.

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