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SENIOR CITIZENS PRIVILEGE CARD : Providing quality healthcare to the citizens of Bangalore.

Economic, social and demographic changes today are affecting the elderly people. Ageing has been associated with the development of chronic medical conditions, such as cancer , arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease . The elderly population hence requires regular check-ups and proper monitoring of their health and diet.

Thus,NH Health City, Bangalore has launched  ‘NH Senior Citizen’s Privilege Card’ in association with Dignity Foundation. This association is a step towards providing quality health care to senior citizens of Bangalore. It is an ongoing endeavor to reach out to the ageing population and help them to be better prepared for dealing with their medical needs.
Dignity Foundation has been working for the cause of the elderly and we are happy to be associated with them. It strives to enable senior citizens in the country to lead their life with dignity.
The Senior Citizen’s Privilege Card entitles the senior citizens to get regular counseling, health check-ups and also helps in availing discounts on OPD, Pharmacy & diagnostic services at NH Health City.

To raise awareness on various diseases realted to old age, a two-day interactive patient education program was conducted by eminent doctors of NH titled ‘Frontiers in Medicine’. The programs also hosted Q&A sessions on physical, mental and internal medicine for aged people. Over 300 senior citizens from Bangalore were benefited by the awareness program.

Following the education program, the privilege card was launched by Dr. Devi Shetty , Chairman, Narayana Health and renowned Kannada actor Sundar Raj. The privilege card will enable senior citizens in managing their healthcare requirements by offering OPD consultation, diagnostic tests and radiology services with regular health check-up.  The launch of this card will benefit around 3,000 to 4,000 senior citizens in Bangalore in the first year.
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