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Robotic Bariatric Surgery – A Boon for Patients


An Omani patient on a weight-loss journey recently underwent a robotic bariatric surgery at Narayana Health City, Bengaluru.

Mr. Musallam Salim Ali Ghawas decided to come to India and consult with Dr. Ashwini Kumar Kudari, a robotic bariatric surgeon. Mr. Musallam was seeking help for medical issues which included sleep apnea and diabetes. “You have to put yourself forward to get what you want,” Musallam Salim Ali Ghawas said. “Go for it. You only live once, and you might as well live happily.”

Robotic bariatric surgery is good news for those battling life-threatening obesity and living with diabetes. A widely resorted to surgery in the developed nations, robotic bariatric surgery is now promising to reduce ‘accumulated fat’ and may even help those with diabetes to go off insulin.

“Mr. Musallam Salim Ali Ghawas  was offered a Robotic Sleeve Gastrostomy after thorough evaluation and discussion. Not only is it a one-time procedure, one of the key features of this surgery is the removal of a part of the stomach, which results in the elimination of hunger-stimulating hormones produced within,” Dr. Ashwini Kumar explains.

“This robotic procedure is quite effective and like a bypass; is a one-time procedure,” “It is not a cosmetic surgery; It helps reduce as much as 75% of excess body weight, and is a life-saving surgery like a heart or coronary-bypass,” says Dr. Ashwini Kumar who is a Senior Robotic Surgeon at Narayana Health City.

“The cost of this surgery is not fixed and varies from hospital to hospital. The costs might range from 2 to 5 lakh Rupees,” says the doctor.The surgery is performed only on the stomach and does not involve the intestine. It basically involves making the stomach (that normally looks like a pouch) into a long tube and therefore the name ‘sleeve’. The surgery removes two-thirds of the stomach which provide for a quicker satiety (sense of fullness) and a decreased appetite.

“The smaller stomach pouch restricts food intake by allowing only a small amount of food to be eaten at one time,” Dr. Ashwini said, adding that it is a safe surgery and is useful for those who are concerned about the complications of a bypass operation.

“My weight was 120 kg before the surgery with diabetes mellitus and sleep apnea. I feel better as many of the other problems that I used to face due to obesity are no more; my blood pressure is normal and joint pains no longer bother me,” says Musallam Salim Ali Ghawas who recovered within 10 days of the surgery at Narayana Health City, Bengaluru. He adds “I feel better as the diabetes is under control without medication & the sleep apnea which I had is resolved.”

Perhaps the greatest advantage of the gastric sleeve lies in the fact that it does not involve any bypass of the intestinal tract and patients, therefore, do not suffer the complications of an intestinal bypass.

Robotic Sleeve Gastrectomy pictorial

If you are interested in learning about your weight-loss surgery options, Call us at 08071222222 or visit us at to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ashwini Kumar Kudari.

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