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Recent advances in gynaecological cancers

We see than many women lose their lives or the quality of life due to cancer. We all know women who are fighting cancer. Even the celebrities are not exceptions.  As the number of cases keeps increasing, fortunately, the modalities of treatment have also been continuously evolving with the aim of helping women with cancer lead a better life. Many women fail to address their health issues soon enough and hence their chance of cure are reduced. So first of all, it is important for women to know about the symptoms and warning signs of the cancers of ovary, uterus, cervix, vagina, vulva and the breasts. Also, women need to be aware that the diagnosis of gynaecological cancer is not the end of the world and there are good treatment avenues. Also, it seems that informing women about the newer and advanced treatment options which have markedly improved the lives of survivors of cancer. For example, for patients with endometrial or uterine cancer and cervical cancer, minimally invasive surgery i.e either laparoscopic or Robotic surgery has helped patients recover at remarkable speed unlike before. Robotic surgery mainly enables performing complex surgeries(which are needed in the treatment of cancer) with great precision and accuracy thus minimizing blood loss and other complications. Also, the patient gets the benefit of less pain post the operation, early ambulation, early initiation of feeding. This helps one to recover quickly, resume your day to day activities, resume office work which is crucial to the women of today’s age.

Nowadays, even in advanced stages of ovarian cancer, procedures like Cytoreductive surgery (CRS) and Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) a special form of heated chemotherapy target the cancer cells and help in better chances of cure. Previously, the patients with cancers of the vulva (external genitalia) suffered from severe surgical morbidity. The availability of newer techniques like the frozen section biopsies which can give reports in minutes, have reduced the chances of patients having to undergo multiple surgeries instead of one. With the use of advanced imaging modalities and with the recent advances in the techniques of sentinel node biopsy, the surgeries for cancers of vulva, uterus, cervix and breasts have been made less extensive and thus improving the quality of life without compromising the survival of the patient. The technological advances in the field of surgery, more advanced techniques of providing tailored radiation, and the development of chemotherapy drugs especially targeted chemotherapy with lesser side effects the doctors are able to provide much better care of the women suffering with cancer. Knowing that there are doctors and hospitals to offer the best care and there is hope for a better life is essential. So let us give them hope and encourage the fight the cancers in the best way. Yes, there always is hope.

Dr. Rohit Ranade | Consultant – Gynaecology – Oncology, Oncology, Robotic Surgery | MSMC Bangalore

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