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Reasons Not To Postpone Your Surgery During The Time Of Covid-19

Ever since Covid-19 has made us change our ways, the postponement has become a norm. You have received messages regarding the postponement of a scheduled wedding. You yourself have postponed a long-awaited trip with your family. Amidst all these pops up yet another question pertaining to your health. Should you be postponing your surgery?

Thinking of postponing surgery because of Covid-19? Think again. Let’s take a close look at what happens when you postpone an elective surgery. (For the uninitiated, elective surgery is one that is scheduled in advance.)

  • Postponing a surgery can result in worsening of the condition
  • It can cause emotional distress
  • It will result in expensive procedures later on

Now, let’s see scenarios in which you or your family member is advised to undergo surgery.

Cardiac cases

Owing to changes in lifestyle, cardiac ailments are quite common among people of all ages. Cardiac surgery is suggested when the doctor realises that invasive procedure is the best way to deal with the problem. Though there’s no need for emergency surgery, a date is fixed based on various parametres. Postponing a cardiac surgery can have serious implications including the ones mentioned above.


Cancer is a rapidly progressing disease. This is the reason healthcare organisations around the world emphasise on periodical checkups and early detection. An individual’s survival chances are high if cancer is detected in early stages. So, obviously to postpone cancer surgeries can be counterproductive and dangerous.

Gastric problems

‘Never take gastric problems lightly’ – you might’ve already heard that from your gastroenterologist. Postponing a surgery can result in worsening the condition, deteriorating health and other complications. So, if you’re planning to postpone it for the fear of catching Covid-19, know this: it is not at all advisable.

Orthopaedic issues

Well, an orthopaedic condition may not look as serious as the conditions mentioned above. But that is not a reason to postpone your visit to the orthopaedic surgeon and subsequent surgery. As you know, any delay in an orthopaedic surgical invasion can result in various complications including deformities.

Neurological conditions

As you know, neurological conditions, if not treated on time, can result in serious complications and even in the loss of life. So make sure that you don’t postpone your neurosurgical procedures.

Renal surgeries

Be it the comparatively minor surgery for removing stones from kidney or a kidney transplantation surgery, it’s of utmost importance to do it on time. Postponing renal surgeries can result in complications including severe pain.

You have good reasons to be concerned about Covid-19. It’s also good that you try your best to avoid a possible situation in which you can catch the virus. But at the same time, you need to make sure that your surgery is done as prescribed, on time. All the hospitals follow safety measures stringently and make sure that you don’t catch an infection in the hospital. So, don’t postpone your surgery because of Covid-19. As already mentioned, it can result in serious and irreversible complications.

Dr. Suhas KR, Dr. Satheesh Rao, Dr. MN Ravi, Dr. Jayavardhan Y B, Dr. Aravinda RV | Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Mysore

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