Precision Medicine in Epilepsy: Tailoring Treatment for Individual Needs


An imbalance or burst of electrical signals in the brain is known as epilepsy. The mental disorder can happen due to various external or underlying medical conditions. Head injury or trauma, depression, anxiety, genetic disorders, or family history of the disease are some possible causes of the mental issue. Seizure attacks are the prime symptom of mental problems. Various other signs such as confusion, brain fog, staring at a point, fear, sudden ceasing of an ongoing activity, or twitching of arms and legs are some of the symptoms of epilepsy.

Precision medicine in epilepsy is an emerging approach that tailors treatment based on an individual’s unique genetic, molecular, and clinical characteristics. By analysing a patient’s genetic makeup and identifying specific epilepsy-related genes, healthcare providers can select the most effective antiepileptic medications or therapies, optimising seizure control and minimising side effects. This personalised approach holds promise in improving outcomes for people with epilepsy, especially those who have not responded to traditional treatments, by providing targeted interventions based on their genetic and biological profiles.

Medications for Epilepsy

Mentioned below are some of the seizure medications that help to lower the seizure attacks and allow the affected patient to stay calm and relaxed:

    • Sodium Valproate is one of the most recommended medicine options doctors prescribe. The medicine also effectively treats symptoms of bipolar disorder and other mental issues. The medicine may not be the first choice for females who wish to conceive but can use it under the guidance of a doctor.
    • Carbamazepine– The medicine is helpful for epilepsy, bipolar, and diabetic patients. The medicine may have different types of possible side effects such as weakness, feeling of sickness, or a headache. It is advised to avoid alcohol while using the medication to avoid feeling drowsiness the whole day.
    • Lamotrigine is recommended for patients with a significant seizure attack lasting more than 15 to 20 minutes. Bipolar patients suffering from depression also benefit from this medicine. The medicine helps to lower confusion and other symptoms of the disease.

What are precision medicines?

Medicines tailored according to the age, gender, and health condition of a patient are known as precision medicine. The method helps to allow the patient to heal in the earliest possible time by targeting the area to be medicated directly. Precision medicine helps to understand the root of the disease, its cause, its symptoms, and the proper way to treat it. Precision medicines for epilepsy include CBD for Dravet Syndrome, pharmacogenomics testing to customise drug selection, Vagus Nerve Stimulation with personalised settings, Responsive Neurostimulation for detecting and responding to seizures, and tailored ketogenic diets. Emerging gene therapies aim to modify specific epilepsy-related genes, reflecting advancements in epilepsy treatment personalisation.

Advantages of Precision Medicine

Mentioned below are a few advantages highlighting precision medications as the right choice:

    • Effective Results– One of the most significant advantages of precision medicine is effective results. Precision medicines help target the area to be medicated and allow the patient to heal quickly. Precision medicine is recommended for people of all ages to avoid the disease’s damaging symptoms and deteriorating health conditions.
    • Targeted Therapy– The use of precision medicine works as a targeted therapy. The medicines target the area requiring attention for effective results. Suppose an individual is suffering from a bacterial or viral infection. In that case, the medicine ensures that it kills the bacteria and also heals the cause of the bacteria to avoid the recurrence of the disease. It helps quick and effective recovery and allows the patient to heal and resume routine.
    • Easy Detection of Disease– Sometimes, an individual is confused about the disease under symptoms such as weakness or tightness of muscles. Many people may use regular fever medications to treat such symptoms. Precision medication is the perfect choice under such conditions.

Advantages of Precision Medicine in Epilepsy

Epilepsy involves suffering from seizure attacks due to different types of medical disorders. The affected individual suffers from confusion, staring at a point, depression, and other mental problems.

Mentioned below are a few advantageous points of precision medicine that help to manage symptoms of epilepsy:

    • Genome-Wide Study– Precision medicine allows one to contribute to genome-wide study. The study allows the researchers to study the DNA of the affected individual in depth to identify the disorder and its type. The in-depth study also allows to simplify the complicated disease to identify the proper treatment of the disease.
    • Next-Generation Sequencing– Precision medicine is also a part of next-generation sequencing. The method helps to identify the changes in DNA and the factors affecting the change in DNA due to epilepsy. The study helps to decide the correct form of treatment and medication to lower the symptoms of epilepsy.
    • Proper Epilepsy Treatment– Precision medicine helps to decide the form of epilepsy and the correct treatment for proper management of epilepsy. The right treatment helps to lower the seizure attacks experienced during epilepsy and lower other symptoms of the mental disorder.
    • Individualised Medication Selection- Helps healthcare providers choose the most suitable antiepileptic drugs based on genetic markers, improving treatment outcomes.
    • Early Diagnosis- Genetic testing can identify epilepsy subtypes, allowing for early and accurate diagnosis.
    • Treatment Response Prediction- Predicts a patient’s response to specific medications, preventing ineffective trials and minimising treatment delays.
    • Research Advancements- Advances scientific understanding of epilepsy genetics and informs future drug development.

When to Consult a Doctor

Timely medical intervention can help cure many of these ailments or help in managing them. You can also get in touch with the expert Neurology doctors at Narayana Healthcare based in your city to get immediate attention and medical support to treat brain conditions, neurological disorders or any other health concern.


Precision Medicine in Epilepsy helps decide the correct treatment form and get to the root of the mental disorder. Tailored medicines help to lower the symptoms such as seizure attacks, depression, confusion, and brain fog.


Q. What are precision medications?
Medicines tailored for a patient depending upon different health factors are known as precision medication.

Q. How does precision medication work to treat epilepsy?
Precision medicine helps tap into the disease’s root cause and note how the disease changes the DNA of the affected individual and treats the mental disorder at the right time.

Q. What are the advantages of precision medicines in epilepsy?
Some of the advantages of precision medicine in epilepsy are-

  • Personalised Treatment
  • Improved Seizure Control
  • Reduced Side Effects
  • Individualised Medication Selection
  • Early Diagnosis
  • Treatment Response Prediction
  • Research Advancements

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