What is probably the commonest cause of suffering for human being in medical science? Or what is the commonest fear for surgery? The answer is pain. But medical science is advanced enough to reduce the magnitude of suffering by virtue of different novel techniques. We will share two true stories regarding these techniques.

Shyamal (name changed) from Diamond Harbour was suffering from a nagging dull aching pain changing to sharp shooting pin prick over left lower abdomen which was persisting for eight long years. Visiting several doctors, lots of blood tests, ultrasound and CT scan of abdomen didn’t yield any diagnosis until he met Pain physician at NH Superspeciality Hospital, Howrah who told him he was suffering from a neurological disorder called “Ilioinguinal Neuralgia”. Later on, the diagnosis was confirmed and therapeutic ultrasound guided nerve block was done in a few hours on same day admission and discharge basis at very nominal cost. This puja was definitely was the most enjoyable to his life.

Tamali (name altered) from Barasat went to NH Rabindranath Tagore Hospital, Kolkata for abdominal hernia operation. She was pretty anxious hearing surgeon may need a bigger cut on her abdomen as the hernia was big. But she was amazed, even after twelve hours of her operation she was feeling little amount of pain over abdomen, though, the cut mark was huge. She was explained that after surgery she was undergone ultrasound guided nerve block. She was relieved and smiled never before!

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