Oral Cancer: Early Detection Can Save A Life! Symptoms, Risk Factors & Stats India.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer:

– Ulcer in mouth or oral cavity that doesn’t go away
– A red or white patch in your mouth
– Unexplained pain in mouth or ear
– Swelling in the cheek or mouth
– Difficulty with speaking
– Sore throat or Hoarseness

Oral Cancer Stats India:

– Second most common cancer in men
– Fourth most common cancer in women
– 20% of all cancer cases
– 60–80% of patients present with advanced disease

Oral Cancer Risk Factors:

– Tobacco in any form (smoked, chewed, snuff)
– Use of betel quid (paan) with tobacco and areca (betel) nut
– Sharp teeth or dentures causing constant irritation inside mouth
– Alcohol in excessive amounts
– Infections due to HPV (Human papilloma virus)
– Poor nutrition (diet deficient in iron  and vitamins esp. A,C and E)

Remember, Early detection can save a life!
Ref: Coelho KR (2012). Challenges of the oral cancer burden in India. J Cancer Epidemiol, 70,1932

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