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NH Hospital launched Bengaluru’s first dedicated 24X7 Toll-Free Emergency Helpline Number

1800 4250 4250 to assist people during heart and brain stroke emergencies
  Ambulance Service to be located at strategically identified eight touch-points across the city’s radius, ensuring medical attention is within immediate reach of a patient
Bangalore, September 25, 2014: Narayana Health, today launched Bengaluru’s first dedicated 24X7 Toll-Free Emergency Helpline Number – 1800 4250 4250 for Cardiac and brain stroke Management. The announcement was made by Dr. Devi Shetty, Chairman, Narayana Health in the presence of Dr.Naushad Ahmed Peeran, Cardiologist and Dr.Vikram Huded, Interventional Neurologist at Narayana Health City.
Step by Step Guide on the 24 X7 Toll Free Emergency Helpline Number
Step 1 – Dial 1800 4250 4250 in-case you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of a heart attack/ brain stroke
Step 2 – Call centre collects necessary details, ask questions to assess the symptoms and condition, gives healthcare advice
Step 3– Immediately depute an ambulance supported by the Rapid Action Team from the nearest touch-point to patient’s location
Step 4 – En-route, the paramedics will conduct basic investigations like ECG and transmit the reports to the hospital’s emergency team
Step 5 –Required medical treatment is administered to stabilize the patient till he/she is safely taken to the nearest NH hospital/Heart Centre.
With this service, Narayana Health, the city’s largest hospital network aims to bridge the gap between an emergency and timely medical attention. Narayana Health has once again set the bench-mark by creating a comprehensive emergency care ecosystem managed by a dedicated Rapid Action team, staffed by fully trained advisers, experienced nurses and paramedics. Once a patient or their companion calls the Helpline Number, a step-wise process will be followed till the patient is safely in the hands of a medical team. The Helpline connects you to a triage team of Doctors, nurses and paramedics trained to ask questions to assess the symptoms and condition, give medical advice and immediately depute an Advanced Life Support ambulance to take the patient to the nearest Narayana Health speciality centre in the city.
Commenting on the launch ofCardiac and Stroke Helpline Service, Dr. Devi Shetty, Chairman, Narayana Health, said, “In-case of a heart attack or brain stroke, time is critical. A patient’s chances of complete recovery are better if given prompt medical treatment within the golden hour period of 60 minutes. With our facilities now available in seven locations across the city, equipped with the best infrastructure and trained emergency response teams, access to reliable medical service during an emergency is made simpler.” Narayana Health has 12Cath-labs across seven locations in Bangalore, which are fully equipped to perform emergency interventions in heart and brain stroke.
Warning Signs of Brain Stroke
·         Numbness or weakness in the facial muscles, arms or legs, especially in one side of the body
·         Slurring in speech and difficulty in understanding
·         Blurring of vision
·         Dizziness and loss of balance
·         Headache
It could be a Heart Attack, if you have
·         Unbearable pain and discomfort in the chest
·         Sudden episode of severe acidity like symptoms
·         Pain in arms, neck, back and jaw
·         Cold sweat, nausea light-headedness
Elaborating the importance of the 24-hour Cardiac and Stroke Helpline Service, Dr.Naushad Ahmed Peeran –ConsultantCardiologist at Narayana Health City said, “In most cases, patients are not sure what is wrong with them, and waste too much time before reaching out for medical help. With the launch of 1800 4250 4250, we aim to reach out to the local population and educate them on the importance of keeping an emergency number handy at all times. It is important for us to understand that In-Case of Emergency (ICE); a well planned network system between the emergency response center, ambulances and emergency rooms is the key for timely medical intervention and a total health restoration.”
The Heart and Stroke Emergency Helpline Service is backed by eight ambulances strategically located across the city in Bommasandra, Electronic City, Bellandur, HSR Layout, Whitefield, Mattikere and Indiranagar. Areas of North Bangalore will be served by the ambulance in Mattikere and patient taken to the nearest Narayana Health network hospital in Rajajinagar, Mattikere or Sampangiram Nagar (Nrupathunga Road).
The Heart and Brain Stroke emergencyhelpline number will be activated in other parts of Karnataka within couple of months and rest of India in a phased manner over a period of 8 to 12 months.
Narayana Health

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