NH Doctor Vikash Maskara educates us about the Ebola Virus

“Ebola Virus disease is a severe illness with case fatality rate of near 90% in humans.
There has been recent outbreak of the Ebola virus disease in certain West African countries due to poor sanitation and overcrowding. The virus is transmitted to humans from wild infected  animals through their secretions and human to human transmission occur from direct contact with blood, secretions, or indirect contact with environments contaminated with such fluids.
Presentation of the disease is like any acute viral illness with fever, myalgia, weakness, sore throat and in severe cases bleeding manifestation, renal and liver dysfunction. People are infectious as long as blood and secretions contain virus.
Diagnosis is confirmed by capture ELIZA, Antigen detection test or viral isolation.
There is no specific treatment available. Supportive care is required with Iv fluids and paracetamol.
Close physical contact with patients should be avoided. Ensure regular hand washing and use gloves or protective gear.
Currently, there are close to 45000 Indians in Ebola affected countries.

To make India safe, screening of passengers from West African countries should be done and travel to those countries should be deferred.”

Dr.  Vikash Maskara, 
Consultant – Internal Medicine at Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Barasat

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