Myth of knee replacement surgery

The knee replacement surgery is one of the most frequently executed joint replacement surgery. In this surgery, the doctors remove the damaged surface of the joint and replace it with a prosthesis. Surgery to replace the knee joint is a safer and more effective method to relieve the chronic pain due to arthritis and rectify any leg deformity.

When a doctor recommends knee replacement surgery to a patient, despite the severity of symptoms affecting their daily lifestyle, they still fear accepting the treatment due to various myths spread by friends and relatives. Let’s bust these myths and get clear-cut information about knee replacement surgery.

Myth 1: We should wait for knee replacement surgery as long as possible

Fact: It is a piece of incorrect information. It is inappropriate to wait for the surgery too long until the pain becomes unbearable. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease in which the degeneration of the joint is a continuous process and deteriorates the knee joint. Unnecessarily delaying the surgery causes more damage to the knee joint and makes surgery challenging. It can also increase the risk of surgery-related complications. Therefore, if the doctor recommends knee replacement surgery, don’t delay the treatment and opt for it as soon as possible.

Myth 2: The knee replacement surgery is only for the older people

Fact: Well, it’s not true. There is no age restriction for a knee replacement. Younger adults can also get knee replacement when the impairment of the knee joint is irreparable, such as degenerative joint disease or after accidental damage. Generally, the arthritis problem starts in the 40s, so you should opt for the treatment at the beginning, as delaying may worsen the condition and treatment outcome.

Myth 3: The knee replacement will limit the activities and movements

Fact: According to some people’s opinion, after the surgery, the patient can’t be as active as they used to be. But, it’s not true. Knee pain and discomfort restrict you from exercising, walking, or running and can also limit your daily movements. After knee replacement surgery, the pain disappears, and you can walk and move without discomfort. The knee replacement surgery can allow you to do all the activities you were missing before due to a bad knee joint.

Myth 4: The replaced knee doesn’t last more than ten years

Fact: This myth is also not true. With the recent advancement in biomaterials and surgical procedures, the longevity of the replaced knee is substantially higher. With the proper exercises and maintenance, recent joint replacements can last up to 20 years or longer. The replaced joint can also remain active for a lifetime without causing any problems.

Myth 5: Obese people are not eligible for the knee replacement surgery

Facts: No, it’s not correct. With the advancement in the joint replacement field, obese people can get knee replacement surgery. As in arthritis, people face difficulty in physical activities due to pain and spasm in knee joints and can’t lose weight.

The knee replacement surgery is relatively safe and has a higher success rate. The patients feel more happy and active after joint repair due to the absence of any pain and discomfort.

Dr. Surya Udai Singh Orthopaedics

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