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Unlocking the Future of Heart Health with MitraClip


MitraClip is a minimally invasive procedure that has revolutionised the treatment of mitral regurgitation. The heart’s mitral valve does not close properly, causing blood to leak backwards into the left atrium. The procedure involves a small clip placed on the mitral valve, allowing it to close more effectively, preventing blood from flowing backwards.

MitraClip Procedure

The MitraClip procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and typically takes a few hours to complete. The interventional cardiologist will make a small incision in the groin area and insert a catheter into the femoral vein, which will be guided up to the heart. The clip is then delivered to the mitral valve through the catheter and positioned appropriately. Once the clip is in place, the catheter is removed, and the incision is closed.

Benefits of MitraClip Procedure

One of the main benefits of the MitraClip procedure is that it is minimally invasive, meaning there is less pain and scarring and a faster recovery time than traditional open-heart surgery, which involves cutting the breastbone at the centre of the chest. Additionally, the MitraClip procedure can be performed on patients unsuitable for open-heart surgery.

Patient Success Story

The structural heart team at Narayana Health RN Tagore Hospital in Kolkata has recently achieved a medical milestone by performing Eastern India’s first MitraClip procedure on an elderly woman with a faulty mitral valve.

The patient, a 65-year-old lady, had a history of repeated hospital admissions due to heart failure and presented with severe shortness of breath. An echocardiogram revealed severe leakage of the heart’s mitral valve with marked left ventricular dysfunction. A heart team consisting of the hospital’s cardiologists and cardiac surgeons was formed to provide the best possible care. After evaluating the patient’s high-risk profile for open-heart surgery, the team decided that the innovative minimally-invasive MitraClip procedure was the most suitable option.

The procedure was performed with the help of a catheter inserted through a vein in the groin area. Advanced imaging guided the catheter to the heart, after which the clip was placed on the mitral valve. The procedure reduced the level of leakage from severe to negligible, dramatically improving the patient’s overall condition. Moreover, the patient was discharged just two days after the procedure.

Narayana Health Setting High Benchmarks

Narayana Health RN Tagore Hospital has a longstanding reputation for providing consistent, innovative medical care. Over the years, it has been home to many firsts in terms of cardiac care for Eastern India, and the successful performance of the first 4th Generation MitraClip procedure is yet another feather in its cap. The hospital remains committed to providing cutting-edge medical care to its patients and pushing the boundaries of medical innovation.

Dr Debdatta Bhattacharya, Clinical Director, Senior Consultant & Chief of Cath Lab Services (Cardiology, Adult), RN Tagore Hospital, Kolkata. 

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