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Life in Retrospect: Cancer Survivors Day

How do you look at your life – with regret or gratitude? Do you often brood over the unfulfilled desires, wishing for more money, comfort, luxury, promotion or in general a better life? Then think about those who can give anything for a chance at life because they have been diagnosed with cancer or those who have battled Cancer- one of the most dreaded diseases of the modern times, to emerge as winners!
First Sunday of June, celebrated the world over as Cancer Survivors Day, is often marked by poignant but inspiring stories of survivors of this disease. Draw inspiration from their stories and salute the fighting spirits of these wonderful human beings along with their ever supportive families and feel blessed to have a beautiful life of your own even if it is marred by small struggles.
There is nothing fair about cancer and it certainly is an unfortunate happening. It doesn’t distinguish between young and old, children or adult and male or female, it just occurs. Certain factors like obesity, alcohol abuse, smoking, environmental pollutants or family history could contribute to cancer risk, however, there is no guarantee against this particular disease. And when it happens, Cancer can change the way a person looks at oneself, perceives self and has a sense of being.
A cancer survivor can be anyone living with the history of Cancer- from diagnosis through rest of their lives. Cancer survival takes guts, inner strength, unwavering support of near and dear ones, positivity and spirituality to fight the disease off besides the treatment. So whoever emerges as a winner from this battle learns to appreciate & value life, cherish small joys & pleasures. It is a known fact that the life ahead of survival is not very smooth, it is always an uncertain journey with challenges of chemotherapy, loss of physical beauty, chances/ fear of relapse, psychosocial & emotional struggle and financial hardships. Though the chances of survival and the life expectancy has increased over the years but the cases of cancer have not reduced. So in this millennium, unless and until we find a sure shot treatment for this disease where we can nip it in the bud itself i.e before it manifests itself physically, we will have to fight it off with sheer grit, determination, positivity and belief in higher powers and by honouring and supporting those who have survived this disease.  

Let us take a pledge on this occasion of Cancer Survivors Day, to celebrate life, to realise our true potential and to work towards making world a better, happier, compassionate safer and accommodating place for all!


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