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Everything You Need To Know About Hypoglycemia

Effects of Hypoglycemia:

Hypoglycemia (also known as low blood glucose/low blood sugar) happens when the blood sugar levels drop below normal – an accepted valuation being 70 mg/dl.

Hypoglycemia comes with some of the following symptoms that can happen suddenly:

  • nausea
  • suddenly sweating profusely for no apparent reason
  • unexplained feeling weakness
  • headache
  • nervousness and feeling of confusion/feeling dis-oriented
  • anxiety
  • dizziness
  • trembling

Such symptoms could indicate low blood glucose, so better not to ignore these symptoms. Consult a doctor immediately. If ignored, blood sugar levels can drop to dangerous levels that can cause accidents, coma, even death.

What Causes Hypoglycemia?

This condition is mostly found among diabetic patients. Their treatment and medicine dosage is connected to their meals, daily schedule, etc. Low blood sugar can result if the patient eats the wrong food at the wrong time. Or if the patient skips his daily exercise routine.

Other causes include drinking alcohol, long gaps between meals, or eating the wrong food such as junk food. This can produce gastric trouble to start with, or in rare unfortunate cases, it can lead to hormonal imbalance and malfunctioning of the kidney and liver.

Making crucial dietary changes – that means eating the right type of good – can help treat hypoglycemia. Consult the doctor for a diet plan specific to the patient’s needs, according to the patient’s blood sugar levels.

Avoid smoking, say goodbye to alcohol.

Say a (daily) hello to sufficient sleep (avoid late nights) and regular exercise.

However, remember to carry some high protein snacks, for any emergency to deal with a dip in blood sugar.

A healthier lifestyle can help revert blood sugar levels to normal.

Dr. Vikash Maskara, Consultant – Internal Medicine, Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Barasat

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