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Hunchback deformity – Complex Congenital Kyphosis Surgery

A 13 year young girl studying in 8th standard in Dehradun had been experiencing a hunchback deformity for the last 3 years. Her deformity was so visible and progressive in nature that she started feeling shy in going outside for functions and meeting people. The deformity also caused a lot of mental trauma to the patient and affected her studies and personal life as well.
During the period of 3 years, she had consulted a lot of doctors based at various metro cities; all of them investigated her case and diagnosed it as a deformity of the spine known as Kyphosis. Kyphosis had spread due to a congenital problem in her spine in which one vertebra is deformed during the developmental stage. As the child developed further, her spine eventually got an overall deformity.
If the deformity would have been allowed to progress any further, it would have started to apply an increased pressure on the lungs and the heart, resulting in repetitive sickness with lung infections and many other lung diseases that can lead to morbidity. Also, the condition was bound to affect the child’s social life and the visible deformity might have caused problems for her in getting married.
On the other side, correction of such deformity has a very high risk of getting paralysis after surgery due to a possibility of grievous injury to the spinal cord in the process. Correction required removing one whole deformed vertebra followed by forceful correction of the deformity with rods and screws.
Upon her consultation at various other centres all over India, doctors had explained the same with a correction in hunchback to a minimal extent. Additionally, they had also explained a possibility of prolonged stay in ICU after operation with a very high cost of surgery.
It was then, when she contacted Dr. Hitesh Modi, a qualified spine and scoliosis surgeon at Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, Ahmedabad. Dr. Modi is the only Ph.D Spine Surgeon in the entire western India with more than 8 years of experience in the same field at different centres of the world such as Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea, etc. Dr. Modi examined her condition, studied her case and assured her that her high chances of getting this deformity can be corrected with minimal risk to her (slight weakness in legs). Also, to add to the parents delight, the total cost for the surgery performed by NH turned out to be very economic and affordable, as NH believes that children are the precious future of our country. Both the girl and her parents were fully convinced and Dr. Modi went on to operate on her for more than 8 straight hours. He removed one whole vertebra from her back and corrected the deformity with rods and screws, without afflicting any injury on the spinal cord. The operation was successful and the patient moved both her legs during the surgery as well as immediately after the operation. Afterwards, she was kept in the ICU for one day under strict monitoring and then was shifted to the ward once stable. She was able to stand and walk from the second day after the operation. Her self confidence skyrocketed with a huge boost in her self esteem as her posture and deformity showed remarkable improvement. She was discharged after a week of operation, and after being on her own for six months today, she is doing mighty well.
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