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How to take care of your hair & skin during winters

Hot coffee, soups and other delicacies under the comfortable blankets, on a cozy bed during a cold winter day is like heaven for most of us. As much as some of us like the winters, it also brings with it various hair and skin problems like hair fall, dandruff, dry skin, etc. Our hair and skin need ample protection from the dry or chilly air that can leave the skin irritated and itchy. Let us find out some simple tips on how to keep our hair and skin healthy.

  • Follow regular skin routine

Always follow the basic skincare routine of cleansing, toning & moisturizing when the winter season sets in. For effectiveness, clean the skin twice a day. Once you wash your hands and face, apply moisturizer to reduce skin damage. Make sure you moisturize on damp skin for longer effectiveness. Adding moisture to the dry air with the help of a humidifier at work and home can help to keep the skin hydrated.

  • Apply sunscreen

Everybody likes sitting outside and soaking the sun rays during winters. But the rays from the sun contain Ultra-Violet (UV) radiations which can cause various skin problems. So, it’s necessary to take proper care of the skin with a good quality sunscreen lotion. So next time when you venture out on a sunny day, make sure to apply sunscreen on your skin.

  • Homemade face masks

The cold and dry air of the winter season removes the oil or sebum that holds the moisture on the skin. A simple and easy remedy to overcome this is to apply homemade face masks. Applying homemade skin and face masks is a way better option than applying the chemical-induced products available at the store. It’s easy to make and you can prepare it using various ingredients like jojoba oil, rose water, honey, aloe vera, cucumber, coconut oil, butter, banana, avocado, papaya, orange, and milk. The facemasks made from these natural products can help to maintain normal skin moisture levels and prevent skin problems like dryness, itchiness or dullness.

  • Use oil to moisturize hair

Maintaining a strong, silky and shiny hair during winters are tough. Hairfall, itchy scalp and dandruff are some of the common hair problems associated with the winter season. You can use herbal oils, olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil or mustard oil based on your preference. All you have to do is massage the scalp with the oil, leave it for two hours and then wash it with a mild shampoo. Oil helps in maintaining moisture in the scalp and hair. For optimum benefits, once you apply the oil, cover the scalp and hair with a towel soaked in warm water. This will help the oil to penetrate deeper into the hair roots and increase blood circulation in the scalp.

  • Dry hair properly

Drying the hair properly is very important. Always dry your hair at room temperature whenever possible. Due to a busy schedule, it may not always be possible to dry your hair at room temperature. At such times, you can use a branded and good quality hair dryers to dry your hair. Make sure to not use the dryer directly at the root of your hair. Also, try to minimize the use of a dryer because it can make the hair cuticles dry and brittle.

  • Keep the haircut easy

Always choose an easy and maintenance-free haircut during winters. Long hair carries the risk of breakage when you run your fingers through them all day. So, go short to reduce the hair breakage and to avoid split ends in the hair.

  • Avoid heat straighteners and curling irons

Heat straighteners and curling irons are the most common styling instruments people use in their day to day life. But little do they know, these things negatively impact the hair. Excess use of curling irons and straighteners can make your hair weak, frizzy and dry. Use them occasionally along with protectant spray to reduce the damaging effects.

  • Take proper diet

One of the best ways to keep your hair healthy is to go on a proper diet. You can always have seasonal fruits and veggies. Also, berries are one of the best fruits to eat as they are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Other food items like salads, milk, juices & soups can also help in keeping your skin and hair healthy.

  • Use conditioner after hair wash

A little amount of conditioner after hair wash can help in keeping frizzy hair away. Conditioner helps in reducing hair breakage. Always apply the conditioner to the hair length and make sure to not massage it into the scalp. Applying conditioner moisturizes the hair and keeps it smooth and shiny.

  • Wear winter cap

Always wear a cap during winters to protect your hair from snow, wind, and cold. Buy a woolen cap that can not only keep your hair safe but can also add up as a style statement to your winter attire.

The above tips can help your skin and hair during the cold winter weather. Along with the above tips, also incorporate a healthy lifestyle, say no to junk food, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, meditate, do yoga or exercise whatever suits you best.

Happy Winter!

Dr. Sandeep M, Visiting Consultant – Dermatology and Cosmetology, Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Mysore

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