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Heart Transplant Surgeons at NH Give A New Lease of Life to Two Heart Failure Patients In a Span of Three Days

A candle can light up a thousand other candles. Similarly an organ donated after the person is declared brain dead can save up to 5 lives if harvested and transplanted within the golden hour. In two different incidents across the city, heart of 2 young adults were given to 63 & 44 year old patients with heart failure.
A 22 year old young man was declared brain dead due to an industrial accident at one of the hospitals in Bengaluru. The family although coming from a humble background set an example of utmost humanitarianism when they agreed to donate the organs of the young man-heart, kidneys, liver and eyes to the needy patients who were being treated across different hospitals in the city. Similarly, in a separate incident a 32 year old accident victim who had already pledged his organs some 6 months ago was declared brain dead at a city hospital and his organs including heart were transplanted to the patients registered in the transplant list.
Narayana Health’s team of Transplant Surgeons comprising of Senior Cardiothoracic & Transplant Surgeon-Dr. Julius Punnen, Cardiac Anaesthetist-Dr. Raghunath, Cardiothoracic Surgeon-Dr. Varun Shetty, Cardiologist & Transplant Coordinator-Dr. Bagirath Raghuram successfully transplanted the harvested hearts in a 63 and a 44 year old male patients on the transplant list, in two separate surgeries performed in the last 3 days.
ZCCK (Zonal Coordination Committee of Karnataka For Organ Transplantation) maintains a list of patients awaiting transplant. Once they receive information about potential donors including blood grouping and other factors for organ matching the recipients are selected and coordinates with hospitals for admission towards transplant.
Bangalore Traffic Police played a vital role by creating a no traffic ‘Green Corridor’ so that the heart could reach Narayana Health City within the critical time. NH Health City is one among the few hospitals in Bengaluru who perform heart transplants. These two transplants constitute the 10th & 11th heart transplant that NH Health City, Bengaluru has performed.
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