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Heart Surgeries for all at Westbank Narayana Heart Centre

The Westbank Narayana Heart Centre started the heart surgery progamme on the west side of river Ganges around one year ago. The centre which is a full-fledged cardiology-cardiac surgery unit is a joint initiative of Narayana Health ( which has established the largest cardiac unit RTIICS in Kolkata) and Westbank Hospitals.

Dr. Debasis Das

Westbank Narayana Heart Centre started  its journey with adult cardiac surgery led by Dr. Debasis Das who has been associated with Rabindranath Tagore International  Institue of Cardiac Sciences since last five years. After a year of offering adult heart surgery including coronary bypass, valve repairs and repalcements and combined valve and coronary procedures, the centre has now initiated a Congenital Heart Surgery program for pediatric patients with inborn defects of the heart.
For the last two months , numerous children some of whom were infants have been successfully operated upon by Dr. Debasis Das, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at Westbank Narayana Heart Centre. Some of theses children came from far way districts of North Dinajpur and Coochbehar.

The cardiac surgery team at Westbank Narayana Heart Centre , in addition to Dr. Debasis Das is ably suppported by Dr. Manish Sharma, Consultant Cardiac Anaesthetist and Intensivist and a dedicated team of physician assistants,perfusionists and nurses in the operating room  and intensive care unit.  The Cardiology support from Dr. B.P. Pandey, Dr. Munna Das and Dr. Amitava Chattopadhyay has been exceptional.
The children operated here had various inborn defects of the heart like ‘ hole in heart’ and ‘blue babies’. The parents of the children had a satisfying experience and were really touched by the compassionate care that they received at Westbank Narayana Heart Centre.

Eastern India now has another cardiac centre which offers comprensive heart surgery program to patients ranging from newborns to eldery patients. The youngest patient operated here was eight months old and the oldest patient was eighty five years old. That itself is a testimony to the expertise of the team at Westbank Narayana Heart Centre.

Narayana Health

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