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Health benefits of Eggplant

Eggplant, aubergine, or brinjal is a perennial fruit of the nightshade family, making them a close relative of tomatoes and potatoes. In India, they are famous as Brinjal and bring unique flavor and texture to various dishes.

Eggplants are not vegetables but are berries and their flesh and seeds are edible. But, their kernels are bitter because a thin layer of nicotine covers them. Eggplant has the highest nicotine level among any vegetables, but it is in a negligible amount (0.01%) in eggplant.

Eggplants come in various colors, including purple (most common), green, pink, and white. They also come in different shapes and varieties. The flesh of eggplant has a rich and meaty texture, which makes it a perfect chewy stand-in for meat.

Health benefits:

Eggplants have been an ingredient in many medicines for centuries. Earlier some ayurvedic medical practitioners used a white variety of eggplants to treat diabetes and asthma.

Eggplants have a high content of vitamins, fibers, and minerals, which have a fair share of health benefits, including:

  • Eggplants are rich in vitamin C, K, and folate, which boosts our immunity, helps in the blood clotting mechanism and is beneficial for growth and development.
  • Eggplants have a higher content of antioxidants, especially anthocyanins (responsible for purple color), which protect from cellular damage and many chronic diseases, such as cancer and heart conditions.
  • Daily consumption of a fair amount of eggplants reduces LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and improves heart function.
  • Eggplants contain high fibers and polyphenols, which help reduce blood sugar levels by lowering the rate of digestion and absorption of sugar in our body.
  • Eggplant contains a specific plant compound, solasodine rhamnosyl glycosides (SRGs), which fight cancer cells. It also reduces the recurrence of certain cancers.

Eggplants are easy to add to our diet. We can bake, roast, grill, or prepare it as curry. This low-calorie versatile food product is the best replacement for high-calorie food. So enjoy this nutrient-rich food and gain numerous health benefits.


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