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Health Benefits of Bell Pepper

Because of its less hot flavor, bell pepper (capsicum annuum) is a sweet pepper fruit. The bell pepper fruit is a member of the nightshade family that relates bell pepper to chili pepper, breadfruit, and tomatoes.

The large furrowed fruit comes in various colors, including green, red, yellow, purple, and orange. Green bell pepper is an unripe fruit that turns into red bell pepper once matured. The bell pepper lacks capsaicin (the reason for the spicy hot flavor of pepper), thus making them a minimum spicy food product.

Green pepper has a slightly bitter taste to fully ripe sweet pepper. Bell peppers are rich in vitamins and other antioxidants and low in calories, making them a healthy addition to our diet.

Health benefits

Bell peppers are a great source of vitamins, water content, and many oxidants that has countless health benefits:

  • Bell pepper contains high water content, fibers, and carbs. So, it is a perfect addition to a nutrient-rich diet plan.
  • Bell peppers are rich in vitamins like vitamin A, B6, C, E, K1, and folate.

Bell pepper is rich in beta carotene (pro-vitamin A), which converts into vitamin A in our body. Vitamin A is crucial for normal vision, reproductive function, and immune system.

Folate is crucial for fetus development in the mother’s womb.

  • Bell pepper contains numerous antioxidants, including violaxanthin, lutein, Quercetin, capsanthin, and luteolin. These antioxidants are abundant in the unripe green and yellow variety of bell pepper. Adequate intake of these antioxidant-rich bell pepper helps our body fight against many chronic diseases, eye problems, cancer, and oxidative-damaging conditions.
  • Bell peppers are a rich source of iron and vitamin C that improves and prevent anemia condition in our body.
  • Potassium-rich bell pepper improves heart health by regulating muscle contraction and lowering blood pressure.
  • Carotenoid-laden bell pepper shows significant improvement in age-related visual impairment (cataract and age-related macular degeneration).

Bell peppers are rich in nutrient and plant-based compounds. So, add them to your diet to relish their unique health benefits.


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