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Gift of Organ is a Gift of Life

Organ Donation is the biggest contribution to humanity. It not only saves lives but also touches & changes the other lives associated with the one who receives the organ. Usually brain dead patients are most suitable for organ donation and if harvested within the critical time, a person can donate and save up to 5 lives. Anybody can donate organ irrespective of cast, religion and medical conditions. However, persons suffering from cancer, HIV, active infection or Intravenous drug user can’t be a donor.
Vital organs like heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys and lungs can be donated only if the patient is brain dead. However, other tissues like cornea, heart valves, skin, and bones can be donated in case of natural death. Organ donation can enhance the lives of about 50 others by way of tissue donation. Some   states have authorized committees to co-ordinate organ donation. In Karnataka state, ZCCK (Zonal Coordination Committee of Karnataka) coordinates the cadaveric transplantation activities and creates awareness on organ transplant.
In fact, organ donation is the greatest gift post death, and one can still brighten the lives long after one ceases to exist on this earth. Some time back people in India were very unwilling to donate because of the myths, cultural upbringing, misconceptions and certain religious beliefs. However, with growing awareness and the proactive actions by ZCCK, hospitals and citizens, now more and more people are coming forward, crossing the mental barriers regarding organ transplants and hospitals are noticing a dramatic changes in organ availability.
In the past few days, in different incidents across Bengaluru city, a couple of cadaveric donations have happened which saved at least 10 lives. 4 heart transplants have been performed at Narayana Health City, while the other cadaveric organs were distributed across hospitals in Bengaluru which included liver, kidneys, cornea etc.

NH Health City, Bangalore; NH Jaipur and NH RTIICS, Kolkata are recognised for Solid Organ Transplants. It is one of the largest centre for Heart Transplant, Paediatric Liver Transplant, Bone Marrow Transplant and Kidney Transplant . The first liver transplant in NH was in the year 2005 and paediatric liver surgeons at Narayana Health City have performed 58 paediatric liver transplants till date, including 4 cadaveric liver transplants. The first heart transplant at Narayana Health City, Bangalore was performed in 2009 and a team of cardiac surgeons have performed 13 heart transplants till date. NH RTIICS, NH Health City and NH Jaipur have performed 1959 kidney transplants till date. The hospitals have a dedicated transplant team of surgeons and coordinators with exclusive post-operative facilities and standalone ICU for transplant patients.

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