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Gastric Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options for a Cancer of the Stomach


Also known as stomach cancer, gastric cancer is the condition in which cancerous cells grow in the stomach. The condition can be cured if the symptoms are treated on time with the help of effective medications and surgeries. However, if the signs of gastric cancer are ignored, the cancerous cells may spread to other parts of the body, resulting in metastatic cancer.

Types of Gastric Cancer

Gastric Cancer is further divided into different types depending upon the situations of the condition, such as:

    • Adenocarcinoma
    • Gastrointestinal Stromal tumours (GIST)
    • Carcinoid Tumours
    • Lymphoma

Causes of Gastric Cancer

Mentioned below are some of the causes of gastric cancer:

    • Stomach Infection– Stomach infection acts as one of the underlying causes of gastric cancer. The infection leads to irritation in the stomach’s inner lining, making the condition more prone to cancerous cell growth.
    • Acid Reflux– Long-lasting acid reflux in the stomach is also one of the causes of gastric Cancer. Acid reflux can lead to different medical issues, such as indigestion and stomach ache, and also enhances the possibility of gastric cancer. Acid reflux can also happen due to the high consumption of salty foods.
    • Changes in Cells– Changes inside the DNA of the stomach’s cells are also one of the causes of gastric cancer. Due to cell changes, the cancerous cells multiply at double the speed. Hence, it is also one of the prime causes of the disorder.

Signs and Symptoms of Gastric Cancer

Mentioned below are some of the signs and symptoms of gastric cancer that help to identify the disorder and begin the treatment at the earliest possible time:

    • Indigestion– Indigestion is one of the prime symptoms of gastric cancer. The sign is accompanied by pain in the upper portion of the belly. Hence, the individual suffering from gastric cancer cannot digest food and experience different indigestion, abdominal pain, and other stomach disorders.
    • Vomiting– Vomiting is one of the signs of gastric cancer—indigestion and pain in the upper portion of the belly lead to vomiting. The individual is unable to digest food and throws it out of the body in the form of vomiting.
    • Trouble Swallowing– Swelling in the oesophagus doesn’t allow the affected individual to digest food hassle-free. Hence, trouble swallowing is also one of the significant symptoms of gastric cancer. The condition can also be caused due to the tumour caused because of cancerous cells in the stomach.

Various other signs and symptoms of gastric cancer are:

    • Heartburn
    • Feeling weak
    • Nausea and Fatigue
    • Black-coloured Stools
    • Bloating

Risk Factors for Gastric Cancer

Mentioned below are the medical conditions or risk factors for gastric cancer that make an individual more prone to getting affected by the medical disorder:

    • Long-Lasting Acid Reflux
    • Heliobacter Pylori infection
    • Smoking
    • A diet low in Fruits and Vegetables
    • Family History of the Disease
    • Family History of Genetic Syndromes

Treatment Options for Gastric Cancer

    • Medications for Gastric Cancer include capecitabine, docetaxel, mitomycin, nivolumab, opdivo, and many other drugs. These medicines help lower the growth of cancerous cells and avoid worsening the condition.
    • Surgery– Surgery is one of the highly-opted and highly-recommended treatment options for gastric cancer. Surgery aims to remove the base of the growth of cancerous cells. Hence, this helps to eliminate the disorder’s root cause.
    • Chemotherapy– Chemotherapy is another highly-opted treatment option for gastric cancer. The therapy is also an effective one for treating other forms of Cancer. The method involves using chemical drugs to kill the cancerous cells and lower the re-occurrence of the cancer-causing cells.
    • Radiation Therapy– Radiation therapy is also one of the treatment options for gastric cancer. The therapy involves using high radiation beams to kill the cancerous cells causing the medical disorder.

When to Consult a Doctor

You can also get in touch with the expert Oncology doctors at Narayana Healthcare based in your city to get immediate attention and medical support during injuries, health disorders or any other health concern.


Gastric Cancer, also known as stomach cancer, is a medical condition caused due to growth of cancerous cells in the stomach. The medical disorder can be treated with the help of different treatment options for gastric cancer. However, if the medical disorder is not treated promptly, it can also become metastatic cancer.


Q. What are the risk factors for gastric cancer?
Smoking, abdominal issues, acid reflux, improper diet, and other similar medical disorders are some risk factors for gastric cancer.

Q. What are the common symptoms of gastric cancer?
Pain in the abdomen, black-coloured stools, indigestion, vomiting, nausea, and fatigue are common symptoms of gastric cancer.

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