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Heart Health 101: Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Heart

With an increasing number of heart disease patients across the world, it is normal for you to worry about your health. However, it is more important to consider taking the necessary steps to ensure the prevention of these conditions. A big mistake that people make is that they don’t eat enough good foods, and even more importantly, most people don’t stop eating bad foods. It is a known fact that bad foods can deteriorate your health. Here is a detailed analysis of the foods to avoid after a heart attack, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Foods to Avoid for Heart Health

In case you were wondering what the heart disease foods to avoid are, here is our comprehensive list of foods to avoid after a heart attack:

Baked Goods

  • All kinds of baked foods such as cakes, cookies, and muffins should be abandoned from your diet chart. These food items contain high sugar levels, and that eventually leads to extra weight gain. They also lead to higher triglyceride levels, which leads to heart diseases. White flour, which is the main ingredient in these items, might spike your blood pressure levels and make you feel hungry even after you are full


  • Well, it is okay to have small amounts of added sugar rarely, but when you develop a fascination for drinking soda every day, it starts damaging your heart, which over time, might lead to the occurrence of several heart diseases. Soda drinkers generally gain more weight than those who don’t drink these, and if you have been drinking it for a long time, the chances are high that you would end up being obese. Soda is also linked heavily with the development of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Even worse, soda can lead to stroke.

Red Meat

  • Eating too much red meat in the form of lamb, mutton, and pork might increase your odds of suffering from diabetes and heart diseases. It is mainly because these food items have a high content of saturated fat, which boosts cholesterol. Consider eating chicken instead of red meat, especially if you’re prone to heart diseases.

Processed Meats

  • If you want a healthy life, say no to processed meat items like sausages, hot dogs, salami, and bacon. These are the worst types of meats that you can consume as far as your heart’s health is concerned. They generally contain high amounts of saturated fats and salt. Indeed, they are one of the foods you should avoid.

White Bread, Rice, and Pasta

  • Never consume bread, rice, pasta, or other snacks that are made from white flour as they don’t contain vitamins, healthy fibre, and minerals. You must understand that refined grains convert to sugar, which is then stored in your body as unwanted fat. In case you consume a diet with high refined grain content, it generally ends up increasing your belly fat. These are also associated directly with type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. Instead, go for brown bread, oats, rice, and whole wheat. Always look for products that read “100% whole grain.”


  • Yes, we know what you’re thinking right now. Pizza is a favourite food item for many and leaving the dish behind might be the most painful experience for a food lover. But here, you must take into consideration your heart health. Pizzas can be healthy, but that only applies to the ones that are prepared at home. Most of the take-away and doorstep delivery pizzas have huge amounts of fat, sodium, and calories, all of which raise the risk of heart attacks.


  • Occasionally drinking moderate amounts of alcohol has never harmed anyone. However, that too is a big no, in case you have high blood pressure. It will boost your chances of suffering from a heart attack. On the other hand, heavy drinking leads to heart failure, high blood pressure, weight gain, and strokes. It is recommended that you stop drinking immediately to live a fulfilling and healthy life and to keep your heart healthy.

These are the food items that are harmful to your heart. To prepare a list of cardiac diet foods to avoid, you must make sure that you replace these bad diet options with the valuable food items. Ignoring these foods and replacing them with healthy options would ensure that you won’t be troubled by heart diseases anymore. Everyone wants a good life ahead of them and to do that, consider referring to the list of foods to avoid after a heart attack.

Reviewed by Dr. Mallesh P Consultant Cardiology – Adult | Davangere – SS Narayana Heart Centre

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