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First lung cancer patient undergoes Advanced Minimal Access Thoracic Surgery in East India – VATS

Rita Sen (name changed) in her mid-60s was having pain and weakness for about 2 months and on clinical examination, it was found that she was suffering from stage II lung cancer. She was diagnosed with a 5cm tumor on the left upper lobe of the lung and around the lymph glands, and her doctors advised VATS (Video Assisted Thoracoscopy surgery). Her family went to several hospitals enquiring for the surgery only to know that it is not practiced in the city. Right then when they were thinking about going to a different city, they came to know about Dr. Amitava Chakraborty, Thoracic Surgeon, R N Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences.

VATS involve the use of white staplers to ligate and transect and cameras, which help the surgeons to carefully and clearly look into the operating area and instruments used.  The camera and instruments are inserted through separate holes in the chest wall also known as “ports”. These small ports are advantageous because the chance for infection and wound dehiscence are drastically reduced. This allows for a faster recovery and a greater chance for the wound to heal.

Dr. Chakraborty said “VATS, which is advanced minimal access thoracic surgery requires only one 4cm cut and two 1.5 cm holes and fewer complications and hospital stay while a standard procedure would involve a cut of 25 cm with additional risk and increased hospital stay for recovery. This procedure is otherwise mainly used for diagnostic purposes by many doctors but not for surgery.”

Mrs. Sen (name changed) was admitted in R N Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences under Dr. Amitava Chakraborty, Thoracic Surgeon on 13th Dec 2017. The surgery was successful as the tumor could totally be removed and after a week of hospital stay, she was discharged with no pain or complication. She is going through a few sessions of chemotherapy, which would be over soon and is otherwise leading a normal life.

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