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A few words of Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a common neurological problem that may affect up to 1% of the general population. It is not a psychiatric disorder, nor it has to do anything with the evil spirit or any ghosts. It is just another medical disease that happens due to abnormal electrical firing of brain nerve cells. 

If you see anyone having a convulsive fit/jerks (‘seizures’) lay the person on a flat floor, away from dangerous or sharp objects, and loosen the necktie or tight clothes if there is any saliva or froth coming out of the mouth lay the person on one side. Don’t hold the patient tightly; don’t try to put a finger or anything in the mouth or any smelly things in front of the nose. If the convulsions last for more than 5 minutes, rush the patient to the nearest hospital. 

Epilepsy can be managed in most cases with proper medicines. With regular medicine intake and a disciplined lifestyle, most patients lead an almost normal life and many may be taken out of anti-epileptic drugs after a few years. 

But leaving stigmas and fears aside is very important, and so is following the doctor’s advice. 

Dr. Sarbajit Das, Consultant – Neurology, Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Jessore Road

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