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Endoscopic Spine Surgery: Epitomizing the application of latest technological advances


Majority of spinal surgical procedures involve direct manipulation or reconstruction or replacement of the diseased region by the surgeon and a clear vision of surgical field is the first requirement to accomplish the surgical goals. Due to deep anatomical location of the spinal structure, historically, this has been achieved by using long skin incisions, wide tissue dissection and many times even significant bone removal. The overall impact of this has been high complications and low patient satisfaction rates.


Endoscopic Spine Surgery is a state-of-the-art minimally-invasive spine surgery system that has revolutionized the treatment of back and neck disorders. It utilizes small tubes through millimeter long skin cuts, assisted with a high-definition camera (called as Endoscope) for vision. This means there is:

  • no requirement of general anesthesia
  • minimum collateral damage to healthy tissues around the diseased portion of spine
  • little blood loss
  • preservation of normal motion of spine
  • immediate recovery
  • less pain
  • less medications
  • less complications
  • overall better clinical outcomes


Just like Laparoscopy has revolutionized the surgical management of Gall bladder stones, Endoscopy is revolutionizing the management of spinal disorders. In experienced hands, most of the endoscopic spine procedures can be performed on outpatient basis, takes less than one hour and the patient can walk around, eat and drink, use washrooms, even get back to daily life routine just a few hours after surgery. Furthermore, the surgical incision is so small that only a small bandage is needed to cover it.

Simply stating, Endoscopic Spine Surgery epitomizes the application of the latest technological advancements; and the spinal surgery team at our hospital utilizes it to quickly bring back order in the life of those whose life has been thrown out-of-order by incapacitating back or neck pain.


The writer, Dr. Rajesh K Verma, is the Director of Orthopaedics – Joint Replacement & Spine Surgery at Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram.

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