Diet for people with diabetes

Diet for people with diabetes
There is no such thing called ” Diabetic Diet”; it starts with healthy eating. Making healthy choices in food is the cornerstone.
Recommended tips
– Avoid simple sugars and consumptions of “sweets”
– Take lot of complex carbohydrates
– Whole wheat flour at least for 1 meal a day
– Spacing of meals – that is eating small quantity of food 4-5 times in a day.
– High fibre , low fat diet with vegetables and salads
– Pulses strongly recommended
– Avoid ready to drink juices/ jams/ preserves/ squashes/ sweetened aerated drinks/ milk shakes
– Baked items like puffs/pastries/cakes to be avoided
– Stay away from refined starch products like all-purpose flour, corn flour, custard powder and arrow root powder.
– Increase intake of green/ vegetables, gourds and reduce intake of starchy veggies like potato and yam.
– Proteins can be taken in normal amount except in special situations like Nephropathy.
– Avoid food containing saturated
– Fats( red meats, dairy products like whole milk, butter, cheese and cream, palm oil and coconut oil)
– Trans fats (margarine, fast food, baked food, snacks)
– Cholesterol( egg yolks, organ meats like liver and similar meat)
– Do not skip breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day. Have a light and early dinner.
– Free food (20 calories per serving) like black coffee/tea (without sugar), tomato /lime juice (without sugar), clear soup,     buttermilk, greens/vegetables, fresh green salads can be taken in between meals to keep you full.

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