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Constructive means to combat corona lock down

By now you have been intensely updated about the ways to combat coronavirus, today we will take you to a journey where we will deal with constructive ways to practice social distancing. No one likes to stay home leaving their workplace, day trips and eat outs. But, in times like these, where it is of utmost vitality that one should not leave home, it is important that our day should be well planned to not to let floppiness sneak in. I am targeting the working class here, as the homemakers are already overworked to the core with no maids and extensive eatable requests from all categories of residents.

The first and most important thing is to divide the day in a scheduled manner. You would think that getting up from an office call and switching on your laptop is all you need to do, then you are wrong. This will only make you end up completely worn out. There is another month or so to go and you need to contain and stretch yourself in all aspects of life.

  1. Make sure to get up at a specific time. If you have to log in at 8:30, it’s advisable to get up at 8. Waking up should be followed by daily activities, you can skip a shower which can come about later in the day providing you yet another chance to take a break. As lucky as you are your tea/ coffee will already be present at your table by the time you are ready to log in. And yes table chair is important. I do not mind small bouts of pillow and bed working but your maximum time should be on a table and chair. Make sure you adjust its height as per yours; the key is neck neutral, wrist neutral and eyes at around 15 degrees above the horizontal. There should be at least an arm distance between the screen and you.
  2. Insert breaks. One should be around 10 for breakfast. Another at 12 for shower. Yet another at 2 for lunch, next at 4:30 for tea. Even if you are not in the office, it is advisable to not to extend working hours. Try not to take calls during your break time, you can always text or call them back. Breaks should not only be for eating or beverages but also simpler exercises. Relax your eyes, rotate your wrists and stretch your forearms and set, go.
  3. Evenings are gloomy- Even if you are an unsocial person, you want to go outside in the evening. This could be sorted by practising small regimens of physical activity, either in your balcony or your rooftop. Set straight a yoga mat and practice seven bouts of Surya Namaskar. In corona times you can practice Pranayamas that will not only strengthen your immune system but also improve your breathing capacity. You can play basketball right on your floor. Try cardio activities like marching, knee-ups, jumping jacks, skipping and the like. Physical activities secrete good hormones like serotonin and more which reduce sadness, enhance pleasure, build endurance, strength, reduce tiredness and improves skin. If you exercise daily for 20 minutes or more, the brilliance of your radiant skin will take over the gloominess of lockdown.
  4. Enhance your profile- If your office is not operational or you got more time, spend an evening thinking about a good course that can enhance and enrich your profile. This may include online certifications, a diploma or a module that have been enticing you for so long.
  5. Tune on your Whatsapp group involvement- Isn’t it you have always been complaining about, catch up with your school friends, college friends, and postgraduate friends. Group chat with your besties. Talk to those relatives who always whine about you being busy. Believe me, looking at their faces will make up your day too.
  6. Last but not least, if you have time to spare please lend a helping hand to your homemaker. Nothing big or fancy just a bed tea or feeding the child or chopping vegetable or handling washing machine ones in a while will not only restore that love between you two but also ensure the serene, fight free completion of this lockdown period.

I hope the above write up will serve its purpose and each one of us comes out of this lockdown with flying colors. Remember to appraise your delivery guys, supply chain members, shopkeepers, guards, sanitary workers, and healthcare practitioners without which there’s no staying, no completing and no passing.

Dr. Kanika Sharma, Clinical Lead & Senior Consultant – Radiation Oncology, Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Delhi

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